1,7 km from the festival area is the Taagepera castle and the  Taagepera campfire site  (take a look at the map). This is also the beginning of a 5,4 km hiking trail that can be completed in shorter distances. This route full of culture, history, architecture and ancient nature takes you to the Taagepera church and cemetery from the 17th century, the baron’s family cemetery, Musukivi (kissing stone), sacrificial stone, underground cemetery and Õhne river. If you’re lucky, you might spot beavers, woodpeckers or red wood ants. More information  HERE!

Photo: Imre Arro / visitestonia.com


10,3 km from the festival area is the  Teringi educational trail  with a circular 4,5 km wood board track that goes through a very special bog. At the beginning of the route (take a look at the map), is a parking area, an information board, campfire site with a roof and a wish tree. On a hot summer day you may find cloudberries, crowberries, blueberries, bog bilberries, cowberries and cranberries. 1,5 km from the fire place you can swim in the  Alatsi bog lake.  Check more  HERE!

Photo: Kristjan Lust