This is the place to enjoy exciting flavours or fuel yourself with food by caterers of several different styles.

SKUUP  is a polkadot food truck by a passionate triple offering a healthy and balanced menu that makes you feel good and give your body the energy to experience the festival and enjoy the concerts.

is for you, if you enjoy delicious gourmet burgers. Tasty Papa Karla handmade burgers are prepared with carefully selected Estonian produce. The recipe has been elaborated in detail by Papa Karla himself while cooking burgers to his friends since ages.

is a street food revolution! A food truck conquering people’s hearts with quality street food!

is a small brewery in Latvia, near Valmiera, where the world’s best Latvian beer is brewed slowly and carefully. Valmiermuiža has supported the festival from its start.

HULKUR  is a travelling bar, just like Võnge is a travelling festival. July 7 is the day when the two travellers cross roads to have a real blast and celebrate the night properly. Hulkur serves HeyDay juices and lots of different drinks by Tridens.

is a cafe and smoothie bar that values a lifestyle full of quality and exciting experiences. It offers specialty coffee of highest standards with a transparent supply chain. You drink it and you know where it has been grown and roasted, which plantation, which roastery. Yet, the price is friendly.

enriches our festival with specially special handmade ice creams. Plant based and bold as ever. Fresko ice cream is a stylish, healthy dessert that can be enjoyed without guilt either by a grown-up or a child as it includes only a moderate amount of unrefined sugar and lots of healthy stuff.

delivers fresh strawberries, blueberries, tart cherries, watermelon and peas straight to the festival. Summer without real berries is worth nothing and now you don’t have to give them up not even for the festival day.

is here again and setting up its water pipe tent. Many different tastes of tobacco and quality water pipes will make the experience of wild nature and wonderful music even more magical.

ETNOEHE  is not actually a food or drink provider, but will cater to the tasteyard with a historical feeling by selling handmade jewellery, toys and many more exciting things.