Viru Keskus presents: Estonia’s one and only travelling music festival Võnge (formerly Acoussion) is wandering to Pärnumaa this year (July 7, Saturday), to Vango’s Wonderland.

Poetic stages right in the middle of the nature, known and not-so-known (yet!) artists of great personality, both from Estonia and abroad… Võnge 2018 is dedicated to Estonia’s 100th birthday. The project is funded by Estonian Ministry of Interior and National Foundation of Civil Society. See you at Võnge!

Võnge Festival page on Facebook  /  Võnge 2018 event on Facebook

Acoussion Live 2017. Video: Elina Kasesalu / Indrek Kasesalu / Tarmo Sikk

Acoussion summer festvals. Photos: Elina Kasesalu / Indrek Kasesalu

Acoussion Live 2016. Video: Elina Kasesalu / Indrek Kasesalu